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30.06.20: COVID -19 UPDATE


Due to the ever-changing nature of things at the minute, we are keeping up to date with the latest Government advice and guidance. 

We are hoping that, with recent developments allowing people to spend more time outside, we will soon be able to resume activities.

In England, campsites and caravan parks can open on 4th July, as long as shared facilities are kept clean. However, close proximity venues such as soft-play areas, indoor gyms, swimming pools, water parks, bowling alleys and spas will need to stay closed for now.

We are putting together social distancing precautions ready to go for when this restriction is lifted. 

When BOOKING an activity or wild camping pitch please make yourself familiar with the new procedures we’ll have in place:

  • Should you or your household, pre activity or stay show the symptoms below, you’ll need to follow Government guidelines and contact us as soon as possible:
  • high temperature
  • new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


  • Keeping our distance: A minimum of 1m distance between leader and participant / guest to be adhered to at all times.




  • Wild Camping pitches are available to one family / bubble per pitch. There are only two pitches in the woods at any one time.
  • Guests will need to bring everything they need for an enjoyable stay, bringing their own tent and all they need for a nights (or more) stay in the woods.
  • There are two compost toilets and covered areas. So each Wild Pitch will be allocated a compost toilet and covered area for their use only.
  • The woods are big enough to practice safe social distancing; we will provide guidelines on this upon booking. 
  • Why not use this amazing opportunity, as it is rare not to share the woods with other users, to spend some quality time in the woods with loved ones in your bubble or treat someone who needs some wild nature time to a night in the woods. 
  • We are hoping, again when permitted, to be able to offer our beautiful Bell Tents for some Wild Camping. 


  • Activity equipment issued to you is yours for the duration and will not be shared or passed around.
  • Kit and equipment will be cleaned down with a suitable disinfectant.
  • Hand wash or hand gel station will be available and participants will be required to use it both pre and post activity.

22.06.20 - June Woodland Update: COVID-19

I hope that everyone is well, as whilst there continues to be many challenges and changes to the new "normal", I am hearing and seeing great inspiration of how people are adapting. 

With the latest government updates saying that we must continue to be careful with restrictions in place due to Covid-19, we are unable to function as we would do normally at this time of year.  

We are not able to start the next block of Treetots as normal. However, I am going to be running the virtual Treetots for this block (until 16th / 17th July) or until we are able to welcome you all with open arms in the woods.


·         Thursday 10.00am – 10.30am

·         Friday 9.30am – 10.00am

So I know how many people want to join in, please can you book via the new website. Here is the link -

Click the BOOK NOW button for the day you want to join in and it will take you to a DONATE PayPal button. It should be that easy, let me know if it is not!


Wild Camping:

We are aiming to allow limited and booked Wild Camping slots in the woods once restrictions permit, hopefully at the beginning of July onwards. 

One family will be able to book a Wild Camping pitch, bringing their own tent and all they need for a nights (or more) stay in the woods. We have two compost toilets, so if the restrictions permit we may be able to allow two families to Wild Camp in the woods at one time, as there would be a covered area and compost toilet per family. The woods are big enough to practice safe social distancing, we will provide guidelines on this. 

Why not use this amazing opportunity, as it is rare not to share the woods with other users, to spend some quality time in the woods with loved ones in your bubble or treat someone who needs some wild nature time to a night in the woods. 

We are hoping, again when permitted, to be able to offer our beautiful Bell Tents for some Wild Camping. 

More information here on the wild-camping page or contact us if you have a date in mind. 


And finally...we have a YouTube Channel! Those of you that know me, embracing technology is not normally "my thing" but I am trying! So please take a look and subscribe as will be adding some footage from our wildlife camera soon.  


Remember, when this is all over we will be here and so will the woods, ready for lots of adventures.

Louise and team

24.03.20: COVID-19 Update

Following the PM's announcement last night where new strict rules were implemented on us, stating we should only leave home only to exercise once a day, travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary", shop for essential items and to fulfil any medical or care needs.

Therefore, we are not able to deliver any sessions in the woods for this period, but we will be open for adventures as soon as this storm passes and boy we will all be ready for some outdoor time!

Stay safe, be kind and help your neighbours and loved ones. 

19.03.20 - Wood School

Following the announcement that all schools in the UK are to shut until further notice, will undoubtedly cause additional worry and strain on family life.
We are following government advice and have taken into consideration the space in the woods and the fact that it allows adequate social distancing - click here for more information...> 
Therefore we are still open and as a way to help we would like to offer some EXTENDED CHILDCARE options, with priority spaces for front line NHS staff and care workers.
Extended Childcare
In light of the schools closing and the impact to many of you as working parents. We are offering a limited number of spaces for children to come to ‘wood school’. They will have the equivalent of half an acre per child in the woods! We will implement social distancing and strict hygiene measures. We ask that children bring their own lunch and mug. We are currently offering the extended childcare for children aged 6 years and over, do speak to us if you have a younger child. We are going to initially offer this extended childcare on the following days (subject to our health);

  • Thursday 26th March
  • Friday 27th March
  • Thursday 2nd April
  • Friday 3rd April

Times are 10.00am to 4.00pm with the option to extend to a full day (9am-5pm) for £35 per child.


We do not normally do sibling discounts but we will be on this occasion. Contact us

Please let us know if alternative days are requested and we will see if we can accommodate this. We are also looking into the possibility of the extended childcare continuing into the summer term until further notice.
What is not to like....your children are learning outdoors - a large space and not many children and you get work as best you can under the circumstances! Contact us to book a space or ring 07775 941353. 

Do not come to the woods if;

  • One person in your household has a new persistent cough or fever, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days.
  • You are feeling unwell (such as a common cold, sore throat etc) but think it is not COVID-19, please also stay at home. We all want to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible during this time.
  • You are over 70, pregnant or have known under lying health issues.
  • You or anyone in your household should be self-isolating

We ask that you;

  • Bring your own mug / cup to the sessions. We will NOT be providing the usual cups
  • Maintain a social distance from people (2 metres), following Government guidelines
  • Follow and maintain Government hygiene guidelines
  • If you feel that you do not want to attend the sessions, we will arrange a transfer of your sessions so you do not miss out.

Our aim
We aim to continue to provide an outstanding service that allows learning to take place outdoors, people to attend that are not in social isolation, support our frontline NHS staff, support working parents and give children an alternative to staying indoors. Whilst not compromising the health and well-being of anyone.
Advice and guidance on coronavirus is changing daily. We are monitoring the situation and will endeavour to fulfil your needs, as long as we can. As you know I am deeply passionate about what we offer in the woods and the magic we create together in a beautiful space.

Louise and team

19.03.20 - Regular groups

We will be continuing with Treetots for those that would like to still come along. There are three more weeks of this block and we are still planning to run the next block and bookings are open as advertised.
Easter Adventure Days
We are planning our adventure days as advertised, we will be adding in some additional days to help those of you that need to work. We will also be limiting the number of children that can attend these days.
Easter Family Nut Hunt
Sadly, given the type of event this is and that we often have families with Grandparents attending, we have decided to CANCEL this event, it was scheduled for Friday 10th April.