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Covid 19 Policy

Restrictions are easing all the time and we are keeping up to date with the latest Government advice and guidance. We will continue to update things as and when the information becomes available.

By booking an activity or wild camping pitch you are agreeing to the Policy terms and Risk Assessment that is in place during the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Keep your distance: Keeping 2m or a minimum of 1m plus between facilitator and visitor to be adhered to at all times 
  • Equipment issued to you is yours for the duration and will not be shared or passed around
  • Kit and equipment will be cleaned down with a suitable anti-viral disinfectant and will be in rotation where possible
  • Hand wash or hand gel station will be available, and participants will be required to use it regularly during their stay, pre and post each activity


Should you or your household, pre activity or stay show any of the symptoms below, you will need to follow Government guidelines for testing and self isolation. You are required to contact us as soon as possible so we can put in place the track and trace;



  • high temperature / fever
  • new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste



Before – including dealing with enquiries, bookings and preparing for the activity / camp:

  • Additional staff training will be carried out regarding handing out equipment and Risk Assessment.
  • Minimal members of the WPC team interacting with groups AND each other. For example, run sessions using only 1 staff member; if possible. Wearing PPE when appropriate.
  • Booking procedures, including the information on the WPC website:
    • Covid-19 policy made available on the website.
    • Advise customers that WPC will be operating to the Government guidelines.
    • Group sizes will be reduced accordingly and in line with latest government guidelines.
    • Available on the website will be an up-to-date list of symptoms, anyone with any of these should not attend.
    • WPC to advise that anyone in the age groups 70 years plus, or other vulnerable groups should not attend at this period.
    • Due to social (physical) distancing all participants must be able to manage in the woodland environment unassisted and go to the toilet unassisted.
    • Depending on group size, there may be different arrangements for using the toilet facilities.
  • Participants must inform WPC if any member of their group develops symptoms subsequent to booking. If these symptoms are showing then the group must not attend. WPC will check in with your group the day before, to check that they are all still OK to take part.
  • A system is in place for participants/staff to inform WPC if COVID19 symptoms develop within 14 days after the activity. WPC will then contact other participants/staff members on site that day to inform them of the update and follow Government guidance. Information will therefore need to be retained (for a period in accordance with Government guidelines). Appropriate members of the group and staff will be informed as required as per government guidelines.
  • Relevant PPE should be worn by staff / participants.
  • Participant’s safety briefing to explain the relevant measures to minimise the spread of COVID19 e.g. what to expect.
  • All visitors for activities or wild camping are required to bring their own mug, drinks bottle, plate, bowl and cutlery.



  • All participants and staff clean hands upon arrival
  • Arrival / departure will be in timely staggered stages
  • The allocation of equipment will maintain social distancing, so it does not risk contamination of equipment by staff before it is given to participants.
  • The main source of contamination is between the facilitator and visitor / participant. Strict social distancing will be maintained throughout the stay or activity. With the understanding being that the participants can assist and be in appropriate proximity to each other as per Government guidelines.
  • If an injury is sustained, e.g. a broken limb, the leader will ask a group member to assist first wherever possible. If necessary, give First Aid and using appropriate PPE.
  • ALL kit will be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning product used is Milton.
  • Adequate PPE will be used when washing the kit at ALL times. Hands will be washed thoroughly afterwards.
  • Equipment, Compost toilet and Bell Tent rotation will be used where possible and will be left as long as possible before use with another group.
  • We will remind participants that if anyone in their household shows symptoms (as per government guidelines) after the activity, they need to report it to WPC so that we can inform any other participants and staff.
  • Where more than one family will be Wild Camping in the woods at the same time they must follow safe practice in maintaining social distancing.
  • All participants and staff to clean their hands before leaving.
  • Any visitor that refuses to follow our guidelines and social distancing rules will be politely reminded. If it does not improve then the WPC have the right and will ask them to leave or be collected.
  • WPC will reinforce the CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT message



  • Should a case arise, we will follow the governments track and trace guidelines.