Woodland Play Centre
Woodland Play Centre
Woodland Playschemes

It is official...we are the BEST Playscheme in Somerset! So where else should your children be during the holidays....with us on the Woodland Playscheme!

Stuck for something to do during the school holidays?

Then look no further, the WOODLAND PLAYSCHEMES are where children can come without their parents to enjoy a day in the woods, building fires, exploring, climbing, cooking, covering themselves in camouflage paint and running wild.

Your children will be happy and exhausted by the time they go home!

The Woodland Playschemes are an excellent way to give your children a day out whilst you work.

Woodland Play Centre

The Woodland Playschemes provide a rich and varied programme of activities and believe that ‘play’ should be personally directed and motivated, by each individual child. Ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for children of all ages and abilities, as we operate a flexible approach to responding to the play cues.

We place a high value on play, therefore the activities that children engage in will depend on how they feel, the weather and perhaps other things happening on the day. Activities we are likely to be getting involved in are:

  • Den building
  • Wild Art with natural materials
  • Fire lighting
  • Campfire cooking
  • Wild and Active games
  • Tracking, watching and listening to wildlife
  • Hanging around in hammocks
  • Climbing and sitting in trees

…and much, much more!

Woodland Play Centre

Children will have the opportunity to play and explore in beautiful wild, private and secret woodland. We will be discovering, playing, exploring and learning in nature’s playground.

We firmly believe that children’s play environments should create a safe and stimulating, yet challenging play experience in which encourages children to explore the natural world. We offer activities that give experiences a child both needs and enjoys, whilst at the same time building on their knowledge and interests.

Woodland Playschemes are a popular choice for working parents, and places are therefore limited and must be booked in advance so that we know exactly how many sausages to bring to cook on the fire!

Woodland Play Centre


Age : 8 - 14 years

Time : 10.00 to 16.00

Cost : £25 per child per day
(unless otherwise specified)

Early bird & Night owl: £5 each per child


Summer Holiday

Thursday 31st October
Woodland Adventure Day
'Halloween Fun'

Friday 1st November
Woodland Adventure Day
'Survival Skills'

All places are limited and MUST be booked in advance

Under 8’s can be catered for occasionally, please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

Early bird service runs from 09.00 and Night owl until 17.00 upon request.

Playschemes are run during the main school holidays and half terms, except Christmas.

With a maximum of 16 children the Woodland Playschemes are run on a 1:8 adult to child ratio by qualified and experienced Playworkers and Outdoor Practitioners, who will facilitate and encourage your children on many wild, magical and memorable adventures.

After all, it is the school holiday….and holidays are all about FUN!

Woodland Play Centre

A few extra things to think about;

* We are there, come rain, hail or shine and all we ask is that children come appropriately dressed. There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing! We expect lots of layers and plenty of waterproof clothing, as you can never be too sure.

* We also have a residential option for groups coming to the woods, please contact us for more information.

Woodland Play Centre
Woodland Play Centre