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Terms and Conditions


Before making a booking please confirm the choice of your activity / event and its availability with Woodland Play Centre.



A booking will be secured when the following terms and conditions are agreed to and a completed booking form has been received together with a non-refundable 25% deposit. 

Woodland Playschemes and Treetots:

A booking will be secured when a completed and signed form or online booking has been received together with payment for the full amount.  At the discretion of Louise Kennedy, it can be agreed to make cash payments on the day of activity.

Your booking will then be confirmed by post or email and further details supplied that are relevant to your activity, along with directions.



The following definitions will apply to these terms and conditions:

  1. “WPC” shall mean the Woodland Play Centre Ltd whose registered address is Woodland Play Centre Ltd. Puddies Meadow. Crowcombe. Taunton. Somerset.TA4 4AE;

  2. Staff / Volunteers / Leader shall mean:  Persons that hold relevant qualifications, are experienced and have current CRB (criminal record bureau) certificates. Further details of qualifications and additional information can be provided upon written request;

  3. Person; shall mean the children, young people or adults attending the course whose name appears on the booking form;

  4. “Organisers” shall mean the parent, parents, guardian, responsible person or other person otherwise in loco parentis of the Student attending the course;

  5. “Day” shall mean one business day



  1. Cheques are accepted made payable to Woodland Play Centre Ltd or a BACS transfer.

    1. Having paid a 25% deposit, the balance shall then be payable to WPC prior to or on the day of activity.
    2. Playschemes & Treetots: Full payment is required prior to the day. Where agreed, the balance shall be payable to WPC on the day of activity.

  2. Terms of payment must be made with the booking or on the day of the activity.

  3. Prices are correct at the time of printing in brochures, adverts and website.  WPC reserves the right to alter these prices without notification.

  4. Variations to the payment of any other terms may only be made between WPC and you by agreement in writing signed by both parties.



  1. WPC has a combined public and employers liability certificate of insurance with Towergate Coverex insured through Beech Tree Consultancy.

  2. We advise that Organisers check their own insurance with regard to personal liabilities and make their own arrangements.

  3. Details of the insurance cover and certificate can be viewed on request.

  4. In the case of an emergency and participants need to be transported, the WPC have business use cover on its vehicles.



  1. WPC does not provide transport to any venue or activity unless planned as part of the event & specified at the time of the booking.  Organisers and Students must make their own travel arrangements.

  2. If a person is travelling with another parent or guardian other than the Organiser who placed the booking the Leader must be informed by the participants’ parent.



  1. Please notify the WPC at the time of booking if any Person has any dietary or medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect his or her involvement, so that necessary arrangements can be made to accommodate the condition.

  2. Whilst the WPC will use best endeavours to accommodate the individual requirements of People with conditions notified to WPC, owing to the nature of the activities WPC cannot guarantee that these requirements will be met.



  1. If a booking is cancelled within 10 days of the stated activity date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the balance due will be immediately payable to the Woodland Play Centre Ltd.

  2. Treetots - If the organiser[s] or persons do not attend the booked event a refund will not be issued. Unless prior agreement is made with Louise Kennedy.



  1. Activities are priced on a minimum number of participants. If the minimum number is not reached WPC reserves the right to cancel the activity. In such circumstances WPC will offer the Person / Organiser either a full refund on their deposit or an alternative date for the activity.

  2. Activities are dependant upon weather conditions, when working in woodlands and in an outdoor environment. WPC reserves the right to cancel or postpone activities at short notice in the event of unfavourable weather conditions. These shall include, but not be limited to; high winds, gales, snow, heavy rain as forecast by the meteorological office and issued from time to time. Organisers and People will be contacted as soon as practicable possible by WPC to inform them of such changes or cancellations.  



  1. All brochures and website information are to the knowledge of WPC accurate and correct at the time of publication and print. However, services and facilities maybe subject to alteration. If there is a change of activity that will affect the Person course, WPC will inform the Organiser as soon as practicably possible.



  1. It is the responsibility of individual Persons to look after their own bags and personal possessions brought with them to the venue. Please refrain from bringing large, electrical gadgets.

  2. It is the responsibility of the Organiser acting in ‘loco-parentis’ to inform and discuss with WPC of any disabilities, social or behavioural problems before the planned booking.

  3. Where PARTIES are concerned the Organiser acting in ‘loco-parentis’ are responsible for the participants' welfare and discipline. At least one responsible adult per eight children must accompany the party.

  4. WPC shall provide the relevant number of staff to lead activities.

  5. WPC reserves the right not to accept or send home a participant.

  6. WPC reserve the right to terminate Persons in any activity should that person / people be causing damage or offence that could put other Students, leaders or environment at risk.

  7. It is expected that the environment we work / play in is left clean and tidy, encouraging care, consideration and respect for the natural habitat. WPC reserve the right to charge for any damage caused.

  8. Persons & accompanying adults must be prepared for the weather conditions by wearing warm old clothes, trainers, waterproofs, sun hat as – there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

  9. WPC is sorry for any inconvenience caused but participants are not allowed to bring their own dogs to any events, projects or onsite, unless prior agreement is sought from Louise Kennedy.
  1. During WPC projects photographs are taken of the various activities involving the children, young people and participants. These photos are taken by event leaders or a professional photographer. The photographs are used for only WPC promotional marketing, publishing future events or evidence to support possible funding applications. They will not be passed onto third parties. Please make it known to the event organisier at the time of booking if you do not want photographs to be taken.
  2. The woodland is a car free zone, therefore WPC ask all participants to park their car in the designated parking area and to not drive into the woodland.



  1. WPC will endeavour to resolve any complaints at the time and promptly. However, if the matter can not be resolved please write to the director Louise Kennedy, within 14 days of the activity.



  1. This contract shall be governed by English law and shall be subject to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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