Woodland Play Centre
Woodland Play Centre

The Woodland Play Centre is homed in 10 acres of mature mixed broadleaf woodland at the foot of the Quantock Hills, accessed off the A358.

We call it the ‘secret wood’ as it is not easy to see from the road and until you have booked your place on one of our woodland events, you won’t know where to find us. We keep the woodland secret in order to help manage and protect the flora and fauna, as well as the wildlife.

We know that anyone who comes to us will want to protect the woodland too, and will take extra care to leave nothing but footprints once they leave again.

Woodland Play Centre


Facilities are basic but sufficient…it is a woodland after all!  We have a compost toilet and covered canopy. We have made sure that those of you driving to the woods can drive in off the road and park in a small stoned area, so children are safe getting in and out of the car.

Woodland Play Centre


Directions to the site will be sent to you once a booking is made. Sat navs are not advisable as they are likely to take you to the wrong place, the registered address is for postal correspondence only.

We politely ask that you:

  • Lift share where possible
  • Do not block the road and gateways at any time
  • Park as tightly and considerately as possible once inside the gate
  • Do not block or drive down the track – the woods are a CAR FREE ZONE
  • Make sure there is access to the woods at all times.

The Woodland Play Centre is sorry for any inconvenience caused but participants are not allowed to bring their own dogs to any events, projects or onsite, unless prior agreement is sought.

Woodland Play Centre

Please note

Sometimes other venues are used, so it is vital you do not assume where the event is, as we may not be there!

Events are likely to be postponed or cancelled in the woods is if there are severe storm/wind weather warnings as these can be extremely dangerous.

If you need more detailed directions please contact us

It is possible to run a programme or event at another location subject to suitability.

It is with regret that NO DOGS are allowed.

Woodland Play Centre


We are close to local bus routes and the West Somerset Railway, both of which are walking distance.

Woodland Play Centre

Woodland Play Centre
Woodland Play Centre